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To ensure a smooth transition into the upcoming season, all dancers must go through the recommendation process for their classes. A personalized email will be sent to returning students with next year's recommendations prior to the start of the season. If you are a new student you will need to fill out the new student form below and contact us to be recommended/placed into your new classes.




DDH is an award-winning studio that provides a fun environment for everyone to enjoy dancing and community! Our regular fall dance season begins September and goes through May or early June;  when we hold our annual recital. Registering a current student is super easy! After you or your dancer have been recommended for a class, you can simply go into your account and register for that specific class. Contact us if you need any additional assistance. 

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Details & Information

$20 registration fee per family, per year.

Payments are due the 1st of every month.

 Tuition rates are for September to May 


we offer in-full or monthly payment plans

Tuition is non-refundable, some exclusions apply.

Refer a new Family - receive $25 discount off your tuition, SOME EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

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solos, duets, private lessons

30min (tiny dancer)
ages 3-4

Tiny Dancers are for ages 3-4 and must be potty trained.
$270 Total + Costume Fee


Adult classes
ages 18+

Most popular classes: Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/contemporary and hip hop for ages 16+. $270 Total + Costume Fee.


45min-60min class
ages 5+

Our regular season classes: Combo(ages 5-6), beginner, intermediate & advanced classes. $360 Total + Costume Fee.



ages 8-20

Audition required to be in Troupe. Technique Class is Complimentary with Troupe. $405 Total + Costume Fee


competitive Crew
ages 8-20

Audition required to be in Crew. With a Junior and Senior Level. 45-60min. $405 Total + Costume Fee


Acro / Technique
ages 8+

Improve technique & skills.
$225 total / Technique is FREE for Competitive Troupe Dancers.


Fall "Season 23" Sept-May 2024-2025

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costume & comp fees


Fall Season Sept-May 2023-2024


$60 / per 60 minute session

Without a doubt, this is the ultimate one-on-one experience catered specifically to you. Enjoy choreography meticulously created and tailored to your skill level by your desired instructor. Weekend rates +$10.

Competition + Senior (assistant teacher) Solos

Specials available!!!!


$90 / per 60 minute session / split equally per person

Join forces with a friend or two and unleash your creativity together. Collaborate on a project and receive a personalized choreography created by your favorite instructor to take your performance to the next level. Weekend rates +$10.


$30 / per 60 minute session
$15 for group settings

Make the most of private lessons led by our skilled instructors to enhance your technique. Customize your learning experience to focus on your individual needs and goals. Don't miss this opportunity to practice and perfect your dance skills. In case you miss 4 classes or a choreo day for production routines, be sure to arrange a private session to make up for the missed lessons. Weekend rates +$10. Group sessions with 2 or more students get a discounted rate!

Improve skills or get caught up after missed classes

Competition Duets & Trios

how to register

other estimated fees

Costumes & Competition

All Sizes estimate between $65-$85

Custom Rhinestoning may vary.

Group Routines - estimate $70 per comp

Duets & Trios - estimate $90 per comp

Solos - estimate $135 per comp

Some competitions will require a media fee that is one time payment of $20-$30.

Costume fee BY SIZE
per dancer / per routine


 TROUPE MEMBERS WILL HAVE 2 COSTUME DEPOSITS FOR THEIR TROUPE CLASS. rates may vary on a yearly basis. Costume are NOT refundable after November 17: Costumes are ordered Thanksgiving Break.

 Recital costumes will not be ordered unless a payment is received. Students are measured for costumes in November. Growth is taken into consideration.

for troupe & Crew:
competition flat-rates
Per dancer / per routine

Shoes Pricing will vary depending on style and child/adult sizing.

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Tuition is NOT REFUNDABLE unless:
-Dancer is moving out of the Wausau area
-Injured or has Illness and can no longer attend class (with official doctor note)

is tuition non-refundable?

DDH Dance Academy offers yearly fundraisers to dancers & dance families to help with tuition & payments. Typically we do a yearly Butter-braid fundraiser which starts Fall.  This is a great way to make dance fun and affordable. Although you are not required to participate, we encourage all to take advantage of our yearly fundraisers.

do you have fundraisers?

Monthly payments are due the first of every month. Tuition rates are for the full season (September to May, including studio holidays). Late payments must include a $10 late fee for each month it is late. Payments are considered late after 10 days after the 1st of each month. Returned checks will incur a $35 service charge. Costume deposits are due the end of October.

when are payments due?

Students do NOT move up every year as they would in school. If you are placed in the same class title you have been in for several years, it is most likely that it reflects the rising standard of the class.

each year do I move up?

Yes, it is totally optional. This is a great option for those who do not want to worry about paying monthly. There is a costume fee per class, per dancer.

can I pay in full?

There is an annual registration fee per family/per year. Keep a look out for our early-bird rates usually in June-July.

do you have a registration fee?